Food you can trust. Naturally.

The more natural your food, the better it is for you. True story. And the Honest Bison stands for exactly what our name suggests—bison that’s 100% honest-to-goodness naturally grassfed and humanely raised. No grains. No hormones. No feedlots. No matter what.


Much like bison in the wild, our animals are free to roam in open pastures, happily grazing on grass all day long. We don’t add grains or soy fillers into their food, nor do we use hormones to make them mature faster or send them to a feedlot to fatten them up just before slaughter. This results in much leaner, healthier meat for you and a more enjoyable life for these majestic animals.


Grassfed bison is naturally a much leaner, higher protein choice than most other meats—including beef. Not only is it leaner, but it also has fewer calories, less cholesterol, more iron, and a higher ratio of healthy fatty acids like Omega-3. It’s what we like to call a super-meat. Still not convinced? Just imagine a bison standing next to a cow. Now, which one do you think can run faster, lift heavier, and flip more tires?

(100g / 3.5oz) BISON BEEF
Calories 143 283
Fat 2.42g 18.54g
Protein 28.44g 27.21g
Cholesterol 82mg 87mg
Iron 3.42mg 2.42mg

Sourced from the National Bison Association